What's that flitting through the flowers? Could it be a fairy? Maybe, but it might also be a butterfly, a beetle, or a honeybee. And at night, things with wings are out in the darkness: huge moths flutter colorful wings, and fireflies light up the night with their magical sparkles. In this video, Anita Sanchez leads a virtual exploration of a back yard, looking for the elusive things with wings that are all around us.

Things with Wings

Explore the darker side of faerie lore with stories from Ireland and the UK featuring redcaps, duergars, Jenny Greenteeth, the nuckelavee, and more. Note: these stories are not suitable for young children.


Contents include death, body horror, and some unhappy endings. Recommended viewing age is 12 and up.

Scary Faerie Stories



Learn how to make your very own flower fairy with wire, beads, and faux flower petals! This virtual program will provide step-by-step instructions on making several types of flower fairies.

See our DIY instruction guide on the Fun for Families page!

Making Fairy Dolls

Gnomes and fairies love to go on nature walks just like people do! Join us for a virtual exploration of the tiny, hidden world of nature. Meet friendly snails, curious slugs, and busy ants. Discover the world of nature that lives down in the grass blades, on a gnome-sized mini-nature trail.

Why not take our Fairy & Gnome Homes Field Guide with you to explore?

Nature Trails


Join illustrator Darcy May for a short tutorial on drawing a gnome and fairy! Feel free to slow down/rewind the video as needed for details.

Don't forget to check out our printable fairy and gnome coloring pages!

Learn more about Darcy here.

Drawing with Darcy May

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