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Welcome to Fairies & Gnomes: Imagine Their Homes!

This is a learning project of the Mohawk Valley Library System, whose mission is to provide magical opportunities for families working together — using social-distancing guidelines and natural “found” materials — to build fairy and gnome homes at their own residences, on library lawns, in community parks and other local sites — wherever the shy and mystical “wood folk” might be found!


Families are invited to explore this website — particularly the “Fun for Families” link at the top of the page — to create their own enchanted, folkloric worlds.


Where might one create or stumble upon a fairy or gnome home? 

Under bushes, near trees, at the base of walls, in crevices — places where the miniature, whimsical structures are unlikely to be disturbed or to cause a disturbance. Creators and seekers of the fairy folk and their abodes are asked to respect public flower displays and gardens and to use natural, non-living materials unless building in their own yards or homes.

When finished, families can post photos of their creations to #518Fairyhomes on Instagram or Facebook so the fun of finding other people’s fanciful dwellings — or signs of the elusive wee folk — can begin! 


This is a way for families to celebrate the library program safely outdoors, build "STEM," and practice good stewardship of land and resources throughout their local communities.

Fairy and Gnome building homes happened in communities, libraries and parks throughout the Mohawk Valley Library System.

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